WiB Supports NEW Business Start Ups!

Often times just the thought of launching a new business can be overwhelming. Even the simplest tasks such as white boarding an idea, mapping a business plan, and creating a presentation require funds and resources.   Basic office necessities  and capital are fundamental to launching and maintaining a start up operation.

The goal of the WiB Start Up Fund is to  help ease the burden of new business costs associated with office supplies and equipment necessary to get off the ground. The developmental  and execution stages of a business require a wide range of support from pens and paperclips to computers and website building.  Even more, WiB seeks to make available support channels for start ups to explore and research in order to ensure impactful and sustainable new business ventures.

With generous donations and support from established businesses, organizations, and companies, WiB is able to shoulder the weight of start up costs with various funds and WiB Start Up Kits.


Help us help entrepreneurs in the beginning stages of business development.  We welcome donations, supplies, and resources in order to build and maintain the start up kits as well as other materials and equipment that are needed to power up another great business in the city!

Contact us to donate!